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CANCELLEDALL practices at all facilities are cancelled tonight, Monday, Jan 8 due to the weather conditions all facilities we use closed for evening.

Enjoy some more family time and get ahead on your school work….

Some Practices are Cancelled for Friday, Jan 5 due to some facilities closed. Below are the listed closed & Open facilities:


3) VILLA Victoria – OPEN

12’s & 13’s team practices are cancelled Friday, Jan 5, due to need for power league teams needing at least one training before the power league play in tournament on Saturday or Sunday.

Important – Many teams are playing in the power league play-in tournaments this weekend on either Saturday or Sunday. Since facilities are having issues being able to stay open GEVA is constantly updating and needing to change facilities last minute. Totally out of their control. SO EVERYONE please use the below link to check for any updates and update your teams as soon as anyone sees them. All work together.

For example the facility the 17-1 team was supposed to play at is now out of commission for the entire year since a transformer blew and then the water lines froze, broke and destroyed their gym, library and some other residences on campus. They are looking for another facility as we speak. So just know this can happen to any of the facilities being used and we all need to watch for updates constantly on GEVA.


Good luck everyone.

ALL practices are cancelled for today, Thursday, Jan 4 due to the weather and facilities are closed.

Please use the extra time to get your online Jr scorekeeper, R2, linesman, Libero certifications done.

Double check the girls to do list posted under announcements and get things done please.

Thanks and enjoy the snow ❄️ and stay warm.

Mike Adams

WebpointUSA website is working and steps to find online courses

1) Log into your GEVA USAV Webpoint account

2) Look at the column to the very far left that lists lots of links. Click on the link called Region Clinics. It is located below the USAV Events tab on the far left column.

3) Please do the Scorekeeper, R2, Libero, Line Judge.

4) You can do the pre-tests and if you pass those you do not need to do the full course.

Thanks and good luck.

Girls To Do List: due before Jan 5
1) GIRLS CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR 2018 GEVA SEASON – posted in previous announcement to get Scorekeeper, R2, Libero, Line Judge, certification online. They take time so get started now.
2) Double check your gear/uniform and personally Email with any missing or incorrect issues.
3) Double check your practice schedules for January
4). Complete your sports recruits PROFILE – Picture & information for 15-1, 16-1, 16-2, 17-1, 18-1 Teams
5) Email if you still do not have your HUDL account access set up 2018 season for 14-1, 15-1, 16-1, 16-2, 17-1, 18-1 Teams
5) Complete AAU memberships using our Princeton VBC club code WYW383 for the 15-1, 16-1, 16-2, 17-1, 18-1 Teams.
6) Register for the college showcase night before all major tournaments if you plan to play in college and want exposure to college coaches. Idea for 16’s age group and up. MLK, MAPL VA, Capitol Hill Classic, NEQ, AAU Providence Grand Prix, Crossroads, Nationals.
7) Happy New Year- Play Princeton/Play Elite